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Project Photo Gallery

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Iron Bacteria

Here are cases where the iron bacteria was bad enough that the pipe and pump were plugging up.

Iron BacteriaIron Bacteria

Well Cleaning

These pictures show the flushing of iron bacteria from the well after chemical treatment and scrubbing.

Vermin-Proof Well Cap

Parts of a mouse and the nest matted to the torque arrestor.  The reason was due to a well cap that did not have a rubber seal to keep the mice and bugs out. It is a Wisconsin State Code that all wells need a vermin-proof well cap.

New Installations

Here are a few new installations.

New Installations New Installations New Installations New Installations

Constant Pressure Systems

Constant Pressure Systems work will in tight spaces. A large pressure tank
is not needed.

Constant Pressure Systems Constant Pressure Systems Constant Pressure Systems    

Well Camera

These pictures are from inside the well. We were looking
for the end of the well casing and where the sand is running into the well. The well also had a problem of running dry when pumped heavily. A portion of this pump is partially out of water
creating the “dry” effect.

Well Camera Well Camera

Lightening Strike

These pictures are from a customers home after the well had been struck by lightening.  The broken pieces are the capacitor and the relay.